It is unbelievable to see how acrobatic an animal weighing several tons can be. It’s whale season here in Hermanus in the Overberg, and the Southern Rights are all over the place in Walker Bay.

For a long time now I have had this specific ‘bucket list shot‘ in mind that I wanted to capture using my drone – one of a whale breaching…

Almost every time you are caught unawares, and it leaves you with a deep feeling of excitement for what you have just witnessed. It is a true spectacle of nature, and something truly unique.

There are many theories as to WHY whales actually breach. They range from the whales using it as a means of communication, courtship, playfulness, and even the dislodging of parasites on the skin.

Here is a video, named ‘Breach’ that we made. It was the first time ever that we were able to capture a breach whilst we were recording.

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Another quick video we made shows some more breaching, and silly behaviour of some Rights. Just follow the link to our Facebook page where we uploaded the video. Feel free to like the page to see some more epic content (we are quite active on there). Link to video:

Hope you enjoyed this post!

We are off to create some more ‘creative visuals’ and come up with some other ‘unique perspectives’.

Stay tuned for more.